You Don't Have To
Be An Expert

To Keep Your Network SAFE

Narvala, The Security Cloud Monitoring Software

The Amazing Secret Of Every IT Department

What Can Narvala Do?

Cloud Arquitecture

Your own dashboard based on AWS, ready to help you monitor all your network devices. PC's, Switches, Firewalls, you name it.

Intrusion Detection

Malware, rootkits, hidden files, inconsistencies and other anomalies your AV probably won't find out. Narvala has you covered.


Ever wonder who changed that important file the CEO was working on and nobody says nothing? See who did it and what that user modified.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Narvala correlates with updated CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) databases, in order to identify vulnerable software, all automatically.

Data Analysis

Keep on hand the list of all your devices with their logs, OS, storage, memory analysis and more. Get notify for suspicious activities.

Easy to Set Up

With a couple of clicks, you can get your devices ready to monitor and audit in no time.


Only if you are ready to change the way you manage your security.


Easy To Use

Group alerts, PCI Requirements, graphs, and much more in an easy-friendly panel.
Once you start looking at your network this way, nothing will change you back. -

File Integrity

Don't worry again to find who and what they changed on a file. With Narvala, you can see who did it and what this person (or malware), changed on your files.


Central panel with all your security events, policy monitoring and more.

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